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12 week crappy to happy coaching programme

Work one to one with me

My unique one to one coaching experience gives you the opportunity to shine the spotlight back on yourself and stop settling for mediocre crap.

It’s your chance to to finally go after the life that would make you truly happy. To live the life you deserve and to create lasting change.

Do any of the below sound familiar to you?

You’re frustrated with living a mediocre life and feel like something is missing. You want something more, something magical. 

Your current or past relationships are unhealthy or toxic.

You feel disempowered and anxious about your life. Your self esteem is at an all time low. You’re surviving, not thriving.

You use alcohol or other addictions to try and escape your stress or plug the hole.

Now imagine calling in a healthy, supportive and loving relationship where you feel safe and seen.

Feeling at peace in your mind without having to rely on escapism or punishing yourself.

Feeling safe in your body with an unshakeable confidence.

Knowing that you are worthy and deserving of everything you desire and achieving your goals.

I understand. I’ve been there. And I can guide you to where you want to be…

I’ve felt the frustration of living a mediocre life riddled with anxious thoughts, low self esteem and an unhealthy relationship.

Being a mother, a partner and a business owner, I know how difficult it is to take the time to commit to something that is truly yours and how easy it is to put yourself last. 

I know what it’s like to feel disempowered in your life, whether that’s from a job, a relationship, from not going after your dreams or by your own thoughts and feelings around your beauty or your shape.

I’ve experienced the frustration of reading all the “advice” around ‘loving yourself’ and ‘following your dreams’ but not being given any real concrete advice on how actually to do those things and make the magic happen.

I love daily affirmations but manifesting what we want in life takes so much more than we’re told. It takes much deeper work to unravel all the conditioning that we as women have been subjected to by the patriarchy, social media and ancestral bulls**t.

So I created a three-month bespoke coaching package that expertly blends all the skills I’ve gained through my certification with my own personal experiences of frustration and ultimately deep transformation to help other women who are unhappy with where they are in their lives to transform themselves in the most beautiful and profound way.

But before I tell you more about this life-transforming programme, let’s talk about who this is really for…

This is for you if you’re tired of having anxious thoughts and second guessing yourself and you want to learn how to trust yourself, relax and use your own intuition to achieve your goals with purpose.

You want to experience love, safety and belonging in your romantic relationships.

You want to rely on your inner self for happiness, instead of seeking validation or temporary joy through materialistic things.

You want to feel confident in your skin and comfortable using your own voice.

You want to heal your trauma and feel at peace.

I’ll guide you through your powerful journey of transformation as you take the following steps

STEP 01Digging In The Crap

When we start our journey together we’ll be looking really closely at the area of your life that you feel disempowered by.  Digging around in the darker parts of our lives can be tough going but without knowing our darkness and what’s holding us back, we can’t embrace all the parts of us and step fully into the light.  

Over four sessions in this step, you’re going to get so much clearer on why and how you have become disempowered in your life.  How social conditioning, family dynamics and your inner little girl have all had a part to play.  Knowing and understanding yourself in a holistic way is paramount to powerful transformation and true awakening. 

  • You’ll be clear on how and why you’ve become disempowered
  • You’ll understand the social conditioning and family dynamics that are holding you back
  • You’ll Understand your behaviours so you can liberate yourself from blame and negative self-talk.  

STEP 02 – Embracing Your Shadow And Stepping Into The Light

In this step, we start searching for your shadows and bringing them into the light; the pieces of you that you’ve lost or forgotten about along the way.  You’ll feel more complete after finding your shadows and you will have learnt to love and honour all of the pieces of you rather than pushing them away or ignoring them.  

Over 3 sessions, we’ll work through any lingering worthy/deserving complexes so that you can understand and make moves towards getting what you really want.  You will know that you’re worthy and deserving of everything and I will teach you how to maintain this way of thinking.  

  • You’ll find your forgotten shadow selves and bring them into the light.
  • You’ll work through long-standing worthiness and deserving complexes so you can start receiving more of what you want in life.
  • You’ll learn to honour all the parts of you so you can stop pushing the parts you’re uncomfortable with away. 

STEP 03 – Empowering Yourself To Thrive

At this point in our journey, you will know what it feels like to stand in the light and be happy and parts of you will have woken up to this glorious place of being.  We want to build on this beautiful awakening by growing your energetic garden and looking at how you can sexually and materially thrive.  

Over 3 sessions, you’ll develop the resources you need to deal with crap that comes up along the way because you will have learnt coping mechanisms and will be so much better equipped to handle the things life throws at you. It will feel like things are in alignment, like you’ve recovered the missing piece of yourself, like you’re on fire and ready to take on the world.

  • You’ll feel confident embracing your place in the light and feel glorious standing in it.
  • You’ll learn to tend and grow your energetic garden so you can thrive
  • You’ll recover the pieces you’ve been missing and feel ready to take on the world!

STEP 04 – Staying Happy

Now that you’re basking in the light of empowerment, we’ll make sure that this really becomes a way of life for you!  We’ll anchor your awakenings with nourishing self-care rituals and sacred boundaries that will have you feeling all things goddess.  

You will have the tools to be able to make a commitment to yourself never to put yourself last ever again.  Never let fear and lack of confidence cripple you from going after your goals.  Never settle for mediocre crap.

  • You’ll know how to anchor your awakenings with nourishing rituals and establishing sacred boundaries.
  • You’ll look back over your journey and celebrate choosing happiness.
  • You’ll make a sacred, lifelong commitment to living your fullest life.

What will your journey look like?

Your powerful, life-transforming programme is completely bespoke to you, you can bring any issue you need to to your sessions. We’ll follow a supportive, nurturing path of flexible, life-affirming steps to guide you out of crappy and into happy.

You’ll enjoy:

  • Twelve 90 minute one to one coaching sessions.
  • Email access to me between sessions.
  • Bespoke meditations and home play exercises.
  • If you enjoy listening back to your sessions, recordings of your sessions to listen back to whenever you want.

And here are the sacred steps we’ll take together

Session 1. Your life blueprint.

We’ll get crystal clear on where in your life your fire has gone out and what it would look like for you to light it back up. 

Session 2. Your family dynamics.

We’ll explore the beliefs you’ve taken on from your caregivers and empower your inner man/woman to unwind this powerful conditioning.

Session 3. Inner child session.

We’ll connect with your inner child to find out what part she has been playing in your adult life, what she needs and how to stop yourself from ignoring her.

Session 4. Exploring your shadow self

We’ll take a deep dive into all of the parts of you that you have either forgotten about or have subconsciously lost along the way and we’ll bring them back into the light.

Session 5. Worthy and deserving module

We’ll discover whether you have a complex around worthiness and deservingness and we’ll explore how to create an abundance mentality through embodied breath manifestation.

Session 6. Building an ecology of thriving

You will learn how to build your energetic garden by liberating your challenging emotions and finding your high vibe ones.

Session 7. Energetic Power

We’ll find out where and why you leak energy from in your life and we’ll plug those leaks with empowering practices.

Session 8. Sexual and personal empowerment

You’ll discover how creating a thriving sexual ecology can help to support and empower your bigger desires in life.

Session 9. Financial empowerment

We’ll crunch some numbers to see what it would take for you to materially thrive and we’ll tidy up any limiting beliefs you have around money and playing big.

Session 10. Nourishing your energy and power.  

You’ll learn how to nurture your energy and uplevel your self-care game by nourishing your inner feminine with unique practices.

Session 11. Banging Boundaries

In this session, you will learn how to create and stick to healthy boundaries to ensure that all of your hard-earned life changes are protected.

Session 12. Commitment ceremony

A final look at everything you’ve achieved on your amazing journey and deciding what you want to commit to in the future.

and some more ways to work with me…

Sacred Self Love

Heart Awakening meditations and breathwork practices to help you reconnect with the deep power of self-love.

To help you make peace with your inner critic. 

These sessions will help you plug energy leaks so you can curb comparisonitis and stop playing small. Learn to feel safe again so you can take on the world.

Mundane To Magical

5 nurturing sessions that will help you revitalise and reconnect with your body and rebalance your energy and reawaken your desire.  

I share re-energising meditations and practices with you to help you reconnect with your sexy so you can start feeling magical again.

Feel desire and desired again. Empower your feminine self and feel worthy and deserving of pleasure.

The Confidence Builder

5 gentle and supportive self-paced meditation, breathwork and relaxing bodywork sessions to help you rebuild your confidence. 

You’ll calm your nervous system, start feeling safe again and start nurturing a confidence-boosting sense of belonging.

You’ll learn how to trust and empower yourself again, enjoy soulful self-talk and use embodied breath meditations to balance your mind.