The Importance of Grounding

The Importance of Grounding

Hey lovelies

How are you all doing this week?  

I’ve been recovering from a particularly horrible stomach bug this week!  They’re the worst at the best of times but when pregnant, they are on a whole different level!  The devil’s work!  

As a result, I’ve been moping around a bit and generally feeling sorry for myself.  

I decided that before things got really bad and I started looking for my violin, I would take some time to connect with nature and ground myself.

Being grounded is not only incredibly good for the soul, but it’s also a huge source of power! 

Being grounded is mainly about connecting to and being more aware of the lower part of your body; your feet, legs, pelvis, and lower belly.  

The parts of us that we don’t normally pay too much attention to! It’s also about being fully present in the here and now even if only briefly.


Whilst I was away in Portugal recently I really took the time to notice what was around me.

I have often found during my pregnancy that I’m understandably quite distracted and focusing more on the future and the things I need to get done.  

I forget to try and enjoy the present and the moment that I’m in.  

So I placed my attention as often as I could on whatever was in front of me; the feeling of sand beneath my feet, the cold spray of the sea on my calves, my son’s laughter.  

Even just listening to the sound of the ocean and smelling the sea air was so helpful.  

One of my favourite ways to ground when I’m not on holiday is to literally go into the garden and stand with my feet in the warm earth; obviously now autumn has hit, it isn’t so practical to do that unless you don’t mind soggy feet!  

But you can do this by just spending time gardening; feeling the earth move through your fingers or taking a walk through a forest or a green area.

My local park has a really big lake filled with wildlife which is amazing for experiencing all elements of nature.  

Simple things like raising your face to the sun or winding down the window in your car to smell pine trees can make a huge difference.

The energy of the earth is so vastly underrated and so readily available; as long as we give back, mother nature is happy to give to us.  

So after my nasty stomach bug had finally run its course I felt pretty low and drained and I’d let myself be dragged into a really sorry state.  

I took myself and my little one off to a big park which had a lovely children’s area for him and was set in a beautiful nature setting; it was just what the doctor ordered; I felt so restored when I got home.  

How grounding can help you take action 

Being and feeling grounded has a pleasant weight and a heaviness to it; when I think of the word grounded, I instantly think of earth and wholeness!  

There is a density that you feel in being grounded or being with grounded people.  The real beauty of it is that it helps slow you down, and this in turn helps you to see the next steps you need to take towards something.  

There is something so powerful in knowing what you need to do next and being grounded helps you take practical steps to make things happen.

The Taoist tradition and  Mantak Chia both teach that you can have the best energy in the room but if you don’t hone it and ground it; you lose it; it just warms up the room and leaves! 

What we want is to bring that energy into our body and have it feed us and nourish us from the inside out.

We live in a society now where we are always switched on; we have so many electronic devices available to us and a lot of us use these in bed either before we go to sleep or first thing in the morning.  

Some people even use them in the middle of the night if they can’t sleep or like me soon if they have a newborn baby, and feel the urge to do some scrolling whilst doing the nighttime feeds.  

What we forget is that these devices affect the quality of our sleep enormously.  We find ourselves so exhausted but unable to sleep because we are essentially wired to the eyeballs!  

Grounding can help us drift off to sleep and reduce that wired feeling; completing some grounding exercises an hour or so before bed can really help us drop off to sleep. 

Our forgotten electric roots!

Talking of wired, I often forget that our bodies are electric!  They operate bioelectrically and the earth is a huge ball of energy with a very subtle electric charge.  

When you are grounded, you feel centred, strong and balanced.  Some people even notice that if they use grounding practices on a regular basis, they suffer less aches and pains, have improved circulation and reduced stress.  

It is rare that nowadays we go around barefoot or sleep on the ground but many cultures did do this regularly, allowing them to feel much more connected to the earth than we currently do in society!

Grounding exercises

So if it’s chucking it down with rain or you can’t go outside because of the kids I’ve included a couple of grounding exercises below that you can use indoors!

  1. Sit down in a comfortable chair, one where your feet are able to reach the floor. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath. Breathe in slowly for the count of three, then out slowly for three. See if you can bring your attention to your whole body. How does it feel to sit in that chair? Can you feel how supported your bottom is by the seat.  How the length of your back is pressing into the back of the chair. Can you feel the contact between your skin and the chair’s material?  What does the material feel like?  Next, with your feet flat on the floor, push them gently into the ground.  Picture the energy falling down from the top of your head, down through your body and out through your feet into the ground. As the energy drains from your mind, notice how heavy each part of your body becomes.  Feel that weight travel down your legs, through your feet and into the ground.
  2. This second technique is a favourite of mine as it helps me to focus on the present and distract myself by using all five of my senses.  I start by sitting down somewhere comfortable, I close my eyes and then take a few deep breaths to the count of 3. Then I open my eyes and look around me.  I name out loud:

5  things I can see (inside and outside)

4 things I can feel (the sofa i’m sitting on, the breeze blowing on my face)

3 – things I can hear (birds tweeting, a TV in another room).

2 – things I can smell (a plugin, my perfume)

1 – thing I can taste (this can be tricky so don’t worry if you taste nothing!).

Then I take a really deep breath to end!


Well that’s all from me this week!  Next week I’ll be delving into how we can stay centred!

Let me know in the comments which of the grounding exercises you tried and how they benefited you.

Stay electric!

Much love

Lu x

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