How To Grow Your Energetic Garden

How to grow your energetic garden

Hello lovelies!

How are you all doing this week?

I’m currently writing this blog in the garden with my feet in my toddler’s paddling pool!  The heat is wonderful except it plays havoc with my ankles which have swollen up beyond recognition!  The joys of water retention during pregnancy ay; cankles galore!

Last week I spent a little bit of time explaining the three main steps to making our dreams and desires a reality.  I really hope you tried out the exercises and learned something from them!

This week I want to talk to you about growing your energetic garden.  It sounds much more fancy than it actually is!

In order for us to keep living our dreams and thriving we need to tend to our life in the same sort of way that you would tend to a garden.  

We need to focus on watering and nourishing the plants that we want to grow and we need to pull out the weeds and cut certain things back to stop them from choking.  

If we don’t do this, our garden can get out of hand and run amok!  

When our garden is tidy we can clearly see where we want to place our attention; perhaps that little corner that despite our best intentions doesn’t seem to be growing.  Or the rose bush that although beautiful seems to be taking over.

The seasons of life:

There are a few things that tend to fall by the wayside when we think about thriving.  

Thriving is linked to the seasons, the four seasons of life!  And we must respect all of them in order to be at our best.  Emotionally, sexually, physically and creatively!

Autumn is the time to take stock and let go of the past.  It’s about releasing what doesn’t serve us, grieving for whatever wasn’t, celebrating whatever is or was.  Like a snake we shed our skin and reflect. 

Winter is the time when we should metaphorically be burrowing deep underground and resting in the earth.  It’s a time for deep deep stillness and recuperation.

It might look and feel like you’re doing nothing but this is the point!  You are honoring everything that you have achieved and allowing yourself some time to regenerate before the cycle starts again. 

This deep rest is so important for women as we have been conditioned for so long that we must be available and ready to serve at all times; allow yourself this time for deep care and full relaxation into your yin energy.

I myself will be getting ready to bring my second baby into the world at the very beginning of winter and will be making sure that I honor this time as much as my newborn will allow!  

I honestly believe that winter is really underestimated in terms of its power and magic.

Then there’s Spring, when everything begins to come to life and you can smell the possibilities in the air!  There is an aliveness and a newness that gives us hope.

Summer arrives, the time when the thing you wanted most seems to happen; everything has been building up to this moment!  You’ve made it and everything seems to be fully in bloom.

Unfortunately as a society we tend to be a little summer obsessed.  It tends to be the time of the year that most people here in the UK look forward to.  

Because of this, we can end up feeling drained in an energetic sense because we’re so keen to get to summer that we forget to move through the other seasons.  

We forget about the rest and the regeneration that we, particularly as women need so much.  

Encouraging ourselves to move through the seasons properly and honoring nature and how she serves us with these clear seasons is so important in contributing to growing our energetic gardens. 

Our energy body:

We also tend to forget about our energy body, which is a thing in itself.  

The human body is really similar to nature when looking at energy because a healthy, fresh environment is where we as humans tend to feel at our best.  We feel free, empowered, alive and connected.  

We feel unhealthy, isolated, fearful and shut down when we’re in an environment where we feel stuck.  

Energy that is stuck and stagnant inside of us never feels as good as free running energy.  

As a coach, I’m always looking to find those places of stuckness that my clients have because this tells me something about the conditioning they may have experienced as a woman or beliefs they’ve picked up from the people in their life.  

Love, safety and belonging

The building bricks for thriving in any area of your life is based on three things; love, safety and belonging. 

Most stuckness tends to come down to a lack of or even a believed lack of love, safety or belonging. 

A massive part of being able to thrive, whether it’s sexually, in your relationships or in life in general, is about making inner connections where the most authentic parts of you, including your desires are met with love, safety and belonging. 

For someone looking in from the outside, it can look like your friend or family member is getting all of their needs met but often people have a deep rooted belief that is the opposite.

They might think that they can’t sexually thrive whilst being a mother and be respected, for example, and these thoughts need updated in order for them to thrive. 

A lot of people are far more free than they realise but they come from a place that keeps them trapped! 

Part of my work is to look at people’s belief systems and see what beliefs they carry, around one of their core needs not being met.

Keeping on top of our garden

So how do we bring this all together to make our garden complete?  Well, firstly I invite you to think about whether you honor the seasons or whether you’re always on the go gearing up for summer.  

There’s no judgement or shame from me if you do! But consider whether you could make autumn a time for reflection and acceptance and ready yourself to slow down a little.  

Autumn is the perfect time for looking around your metaphorical garden and seeing what weeds need pulling out because they no longer serve you and what did grow and flower really well!

Next, consider how you feel about your life.  Are you feeling free and alive or stuck and shut down in one particular area?  

If you feel the latter, think about what you desire in life that has a belief system attached to it or you feel trapped by e.g.

I want to pursue my business but I’m scared I’ll fail (safety).

I want to explore my sexuality but I’m worried my partner will judge me (love).

I want to go traveling alone but I’m afraid I’ll lose my friends (belonging).

Notice the core belief you hold and see if you could switch it round e.g.

I can be scared but still do the thing!

I can be sexual and still be loved.

I can be alone and still belong.

See how it feels to try on that changed narrative.  Put on your queen coat that we talked about last week if you need to!

It’s been said many times before but it’s so important to ensure that we go through this life not just surviving but thriving in as many areas as we want to.  

Figuring out why we keep ourselves in survival mode and let our garden grow wild is an important step.

I hope this little taster into energetic gardening is useful to you!  Let me know in the comments whether you honor the seasons or found any belief systems that stop you thriving!

Next week you’ll learn how to find all the ways in which you might be depleting your energy and how to help replenish yourself. 

I’ll also be doing a mini dive into how you can heal your old energy patterns!

That’s it from me today, until next week, happy gardening!

Much love

Lu x

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