• It feels like a lot of money to spend on myself!

I hear you!  Investing a significant amount of money in yourself can be scary but what’s scarier is continuing on the same old path for another year.  I decided to add manageable payment plans so that the programme can be affordable to as many people as possible. 

Ask yourself, ‘Can I really afford to let this opportunity pass me by?’.  Changing your life is priceless and the money you spend will come back to you in so many other ways.

  • I don’t know if I’ll have have enough time.

I understand.  Life is so busy and you’re wondering how you’ll fit yet another commitment into your schedule!  But if you’re not prepared to put yourself first and invest in your own happiness, is it any surprise that you feel so disempowered?

The time that you put into this work with me is so minor in comparison to the liberty you will have when you can show up in your life in exactly the way you want and deserve.

That time that you spend endlessly scrolling through your phone, binge watching Netflix or eating your body weight in chocolate could be spent doing something that makes you feel so much better!  Something that doesn’t make you feel zoned out and unfulfilled. 

  •  I’m interested but now just doesn’t feel like the right time.

I get it, I really do, but let’s face it, there’s never going to be a right time.  Something will always come up, life gets in the way.  It can feel really scary to make changes to our lives so we find excuses and reasons not to.  But the reason you’re not living your most empowered life is because you’ve chosen to put yourself last and have put things off for far too long. So make the leap now, make it the right time to put yourself and your happiness first.

  • I’m worried that it won’t work for me. I’ve bought programmes before and haven’t benefited from them.

This is always a big worry when beginning something new.  I can’t promise you results if you half arse the programme because as your coach, I can’t do all of the work for you.  But what I can promise you, is that if you are fully dedicated to making a change in your life and you show up ready to do the work, you will experience a beautiful and amazing transformation.

  • What’s the cost of the programme?

The cost of the programme is £1200 upfront or £1500 spread over three months.