Hello lovelies!

How have you all been this week?

Now that the planet Mercury has finally stopped shifting backwards I’m feeling much more productive!  

I spent a good amount of time last week practising what I preach by getting myself into my high-vibe emotions of joy and ecstasy!

How did the high-vibe exercise go for you?  Did you manage to stay in your desired emotions for 12 hours?  It feels so good to keep choosing and coming back to a positive state!

I want to keep the train of positivity going this week by talking to you this week about the controversial topic of bragging.

Now bragging isn’t something that we are taught to do as children, particularly in the British culture.

One must be humble and gracious don’t you know!  It’s not proper to speak so highly of one’s self!

Bragging is also not something that women in particular are generally encouraged to do; in case we are seen as being big-headed/too much/spoilt etc.  

It tends to be the men that are encouraged to celebrate their greatness.

I for one have often used the phrase when someone compliments me on something that I’m good at ‘well I don’t want to be bigheaded but I guess I’m not too bad at doing…insert blank’.  

I have made improvements in this area but it is still something that I need to work on consistently along with getting better at taking compliments!

A lot of the time, unintentionally our parents influence us around this unknowingly.  My mum was always very vocal about how proud of me she was when I was a child but she didn’t walk the talk herself.  

I would regularly hear her brush off compliments from other people, she had very little confidence in herself and would say things like ‘oh no I can’t do that’ if we suggested that she do something outside of her comfort zone. 

This is a really common thing for children to observe their parents do, particularly their mothers and it causes confusion.  

We need role models in our lives that show us how to be confident and celebrate our successes, particularly females. 

Thinking back to your own childhood experiences, did you hear your mother or another female figure in your life regularly talking about their successes?  

I have a son and I am really mindful of how I talk about myself around him.  The other day I was trying to squeeze through a gap and my pregnant belly wouldn’t fit through.  

Instead of saying ‘oh mummy’s belly won’t fit because of the baby’ I jokingly said ‘oh mummy’s too fat to fit through!’.  He laughed but then said several times ‘you’re fat’ and then told his dad he was fat as well.  

He’s only two so he doesn’t understand the true meaning óf what he’s saying but he understood that was something I had said about myself and therefore copied me thinking that was ok!

I also have a daughter on the way and I am going to have to be even more aware of the things I say and do when she arrives as unfortunately, women are the ones who are so heavily socially conditioned to look and act a certain way.  

I want both of my children to grow up seeing me be confident and celebrating my successes.  To see me take compliments, acknowledge myself when I’ve worked hard and done well, and relate to my body in a positive way.  

Bragging doesn’t have to be the nasty arrogant thing that people think it is.  When I’m coaching my clients I always like to start the session by celebrating their big wins. 

The point of asking my clients to do this is to allow them to luxuriate in their success!  To talk about what’s working for them and what has made them proud.   

It’s good to get ourselves into the habit of celebrating ourselves; it helps us to place our focus on thriving and self-love.  

It has been scientifically proven that if you want to build great habits, you need to focus on both your small and your big wins and allow yourself to shine!  

This in turn helps us to remember what’s been going well and what’s been going right and this is the best method for helping people to get more results.  

Human beings naturally tend to focus on what’s wrong.  It’s so easy to look back at our day or our week and find so many things at fault.  

It’s so incredibly easy to judge ourselves and berate ourselves for the things that didn’t go quite right.  We can lose sight of all the good things that happened if we aren’t specifically looking for them.

So what if you slept through your alarm and were late for work, I’m sure you showed up in other ways throughout the working day.  

So what if you couldn’t be bothered to go to the gym and got a takeaway on the way home; perhaps you needed the rest and a treat!

Regularly focusing on our celebrations help us re-train our nervous system to focus on the good.  

This, in turn, helps us to keep in a high-vibration state and you will know if you completed the high-vibe exercise last week how much easier it is to get results from this place than from a low-vibration place!  

It gets our energy up and improves our confidence as it’s a way of listing out to yourself that you have what it takes to be successful and you can get results towards what you desire.  

I’ve spoken about emotional muscles in some of my previous blogs and the celebration/bragging muscle is simply another one that needs practice.  

The more we flex it, the more accustomed it becomes to being used!

It has taken me quite some time to really build up my bragging muscle.  When I used to try and list out what I was celebrating it felt so awkward to me and that’s because I was one of those people that needed to do it the most!  

Now before I go to sleep each night, I lay in bed and I do my pelvic floor exercises and I list out either three things I’m grateful for that day or three things that I’m celebrating.  

Sometimes I have to dig really deep for the celebrations but I find now that I look forward to listing this out right before I go off to sleep.  

It makes me look at my day as a whole and not focus on what perhaps didn’t go as well as I wanted.

So today for example my three celebrations will probably be.

‘I celebrate that I wrote this blog and shared it with my community’.

‘I brag that I thought of a free challenge and a new course that I want to create and launch in January 2023’.

‘I am proud of myself for making a really delicious and healthy breakfast’.

By doing this roughly every other day it really helps me to get into a more positive mindset.  If I start slacking and stop doing it for a while I really notice the difference.  

I quickly slip back into a negative nelly frame of mind!

I’m not saying you need to list your celebrations every couple of days as I do but once a week is a really good place to start.  Some people find that journaling is more useful than saying them out loud as they can look back and see physical proof of their achievements.

So this week I would love to invite you to think about your life recently and see if you can come up with three things that you are really proud of for achieving.  

It doesn’t have to be related to one thing; you can see from mine above that they are spread between my business and my nutrition goals.  

Nor do they have to be huge wins – like I said above, both the small and the big wins need to be recognised!  Little steps keep us heading in the direction of our goals. 

Then, take two minutes to think about something that you really want in life, and then check in with yourself in a week’s time to see if you can find three brags that relate to you achieving that goal.

If you can’t or you find yourself being really resistant, that’s absolutely fine.  See if you can find just one thing instead of three!  

I would love to hear what your celebrations are this week so please do drop me a comment below so that I can celebrate with you! 

Happy bragging!

Much love

Lu x

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